Let it Be Said

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Intersegmental 38: Seoul

Anthem Dissolved [2023] Jin-Hwa Choi
A Dream, Domesticated [2023] Jin-Hwa Choi
Land and Water [2023] Se-Yeon Oh
Sinabro [2023] Ka-Young Kang
Struggle [2023] Ha-Eun Lee
KUSION (FUSION:Korea) [2023] Young-Wook Lee
Dystopia [2023] Young-Wook Lee

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Miniatures: Take 2

Introspection [2016] Ray Fields
With An Attitude [1997] Jonathan Newmark
We Sat Snug and Warm [2020] Garth Baxter
Underground River Ride [1991] Gavin Brown
Finale [2017] Janice Macaulay
I Am [2010] Keith Kramer
Clarinet Lab II — Gavotte [2014] Josh Levin
An Un-tact Un-birthday Party for Two Pianos [2022] Jin-Hwa Choi
Ceci n’est pas une pipe – Revisited [2022] Ljiljana Becker

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Response To A…

2’16.5 [2022] Josh Levin
Hymn for Sixteen Seconds and Reminder [2022] Jin-Hwa Choi
Variations on a Theme by Josh Levin [2022] Ian Rashkin
Never Alone: The Desert [2022] Anna Rubin
Exoneration: Release Music for Bernard Webster [2021] David Fetter
Umbra [2022] Ariyo Shahry

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String Theory 2022

The Golden Deer [2020] Ian Rashkin
Three Pieces for String Quartet [1980] Janice Macaulay
The True Believer [2020] George F. Spicka
MacPherson’s Lament [2017] Garth Baxter
For the Love of Bees: Honey Queen and Sting [2020] Anna Rubin

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I Want To Be Left Alone

Blue Hour Sword Moon [2011] Amit Kumar
C.D.D. in memoriam for Solo Viola [2021] Janice Macaulay
Red Shift [2022] George F. Spicka
Things a Viola Can Do [2019] Harriet Katz
Frozen in That Fatal Climb [2014] Keith Kramer
John Dory [2016] Ljiljana Jovanović

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Let’s Get Technical

Syncline [2021] Jin-Hwa Choi
Outro 1, 3, 5 [2020] Jonathan Newmark
Messing with Melody [2021] Gavin Brown
Elektronica Etude 3 [2021] Ray Fields
Three Spaces [2021] Ian Rashkin
Let’s End With a Waltz [2015] Garth Baxter

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String Theory 2021

String Theory [2020] Josh Levin
In My Mother’s Garden [2019] Harriet Katz
Tom Dooley Without the Fringe On Top [2015] Jonathan Newmark
Sonitus [2012] Ariyo Shahry
Flower Suite [2018] Gavin Brown

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Four Colors/Four Elements

Moss Green, Kissing the Earth [2021] Anna Rubin
Chorale, Fanfare and Prayer [2021] Janice Macaulay
Electronica Etudes 1 and 2 [2021] Ray Fields
The Ballad of Sir Orangefire [2019] Gavin Brown
Frida Kahlo’s Pallette [2018] Garth Baxter
The Parade [2021] Josh Levin
Water [2021] George F. Spicka

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Lead Me to the Stars [2021] Gavin Brown
Where Poe Once Walked [2021] Amit Kumar
If You Had Known [2020] Garth Baxter
I Want To Die On Monday / Or So It Seems [2010] George F. Spicka
Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover? [2021] Janice Macaulay
After Long Silence [2021] Harriet Katz
Berceuse [1985] Victor Frost
Soneto [2021] Ian Rashkin
…in this shining darkness… [2012] Jin-Hwa Choi
Try Not to Let It Upset You [2019] David Fetter
The Long Hill [1997] Garth Baxter
Epiphany Insurrection [2021] Elizabeth Skola Davis
Haber’s Law: The Death of Fritz Haber, 1934 [2017] Jonathan Newmark
My Suitcase [2019] Ljiljana Jovanović
Three Epigrams from Stephen Hawking: III Eternity [2020] Ray Fields
Ahavat Olam [2020] Josh Levin

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Waltz for Violin and Harpsichord [2016] Victor Frost
Within Music [2020] Harriet Katz
Speed Trap on Wide, Wide Dixie Highway [2017] Jonathan Newmark
All Around (excerpt) [2009] Ljiljana Jovanović
Flirt [2020] Garth Baxter
Sogni [2016] Keith Kramer

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Sound In Motion VI

Dis-Romantically Lamenting Music [2020] Jin-hwa Choi
Madame Grand Doigts (Madame Lonfingers) [2014] Elizabeth Skola Davis
Breathing​ [2019] Ray Fields
Gravity Wave ​[2020] George F. Spicka
Kairos ​[2018] Keith Kramer
Tuba Contra Mundum​ [1987] Janice Macaulay
Elegy (wood moths) [2020] Ian Rashkin
Resistance​ [2012] Garth Baxter
Second Nature​ ​[2015] Anna Rubin
White Noise​ [2019] Ljiljana Jovanović
Introduction and Scherzo [2001] Jonathan Newmark
Won’t Forgive, Won’t Forget​ [2020] Harriet Katz

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Suite for the High Holy Days: Greeting the New Year [2007] Harriet Katz
Clarinet Lab – Part 3, Interlude [2014] Josh Levin
Salty and Sweet [2011] Anna Rubin
Flicker [2020] George F.Spicka
PSA I: Heart Beat [2020] Ray Fields
The Little Flirt [2020] Garth Baxter
B(rushed) Moment [2020] Ljiljana Jovanović
Minute Minuet [1996] Victor Frost
Crooked Brook [2020] Jonathan Newmark
A Sound Pot [2020] Jin-Hwa Choi
Amalgam [2011] Keith Kramer
Minute Symphony [1992] Gavin F. Brown

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Whirling Winds

Heavy Wood [2017] Ray Fields
Where the Animals Live​ [2019] Gavin Brown
Breezes in Three Guises ​ ​[2019] Anna Rubin
Variations for Woodwind Quintet ​[2015] Victor Frost
Mirrors in the House That Jack Built ​[2019] Janice Macaulay
Memory​ [​2013] Ljiljana Jovanović
One Way and Another [2017/19] Harriet Katz
Tango for Igor [2017] Ray Fields
The Adagio in G for Wind Quintet​ [2010] Josh Levin
A Parting Glass [​2017] Garth Baxter
Serenade for Wind Quintet​ [​2013] Jonathan Newmark

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Spring Assortment

Inside Out – Anna Rubin

Ditty No. 2 (Sparrows) – Jin-Hwa Choi

A Gallows’ Lullaby – Amit Kumar

Ramble With Me, Fantasy’s Princess – Amit Kumar

A Tree for Everyone, and a One for Every Tree

Jonah Elrod

Quintessence – Lewis Berman

Shelter within a Shelter – Ljiljana Jovanović

Better on Slickrock – Jonathan Newmark

Only Albinos Have White Skin – Harriet Katz

Duo for Flute and Solo Percussion – Janice


When Lights Begin to Show – Garth Baxter

Two Inventions – Keith Kramer

Rusticola – Garth Baxter

Tonian World – George Spicka

Autumn Abundance

Trio – Elizabeth Skola Davis
Fall Dancing – Hollis Thoms
The Eternal Sea – Philip Ravita
Harp to it! – Janice Macaulay
Honeycomb – Anna Rubin
The End Is an Infinite Beginning – Keith Kramer
The Voice of Your Eyes – Hillary Kruh
Mysterium – Lewis Berman
Des Larmes Encadrees – Garth Baxter
A Dream of Stone – Jin-Hwa Choi
TBD [Moving Macbeth] – Ljiljana Jovanović
Angles and Archways – Harriet Katz

“Reprise!” – 25TH Anniversary Concert

Playing 3 – Hollis Thoms
Three Poems From Edna St. Vincent Millay – Garth Baxter
A Threnody for Little Suck-a-Thumb – Jin-Hwa Choi
American Dances – David Fetter
Asking For It – Jonathan Newmark
Memory – Ljiljana Jovanović
Night & Daybreak – Lewis Berman
Hush – Anna Rubin
Galop – Elizabeth Skola Davis
In Beauty – Philip Ravita
Insomnia – Amit Kumar
Selections from Love Songs of Emily Dickinson – Janice Macaulay
Our Species – Harriet Katz
Elegy – Hillary Kruh
La Tranquillità – Keith Kramer
Upon Acquiring a Sauropod – George Spicka


Hoffman 36 – Jonathan Newmark
With Issa: Haiku – Jin-Hwa Choi
Tungsten’s Cave – Amit Kumar
Three Piano Pieces – Hillary Kruh
John Dory – Ljiljana Jovanović
Sonata No. 3 – Philip Ravita
Il y a longtemps – Garth Baxter
Mosaic – Harriet Katz
Siciliana – Bill Milner

Songs of Love and Menace

Wolf Skin – Elizabeth Davis
A Threnody for a Little Suck-a-Thumb – Jin Hwa Choi
Three Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay – Garth Baxter
Hush A-Bye – Anna Rubin
Asking For It – Jonathan Newmark
Jasmine – Keith Kramer
Cycles – Ljiljana Jovanović
Selections from Love Poems of Emily Dickinson – Janice Macaulay
within music there is silence within love there is loneliness – Hollis Thoms
Some Points Eve Would Like to Make – Harriet Katz
Nights Without Sleep – Garth Baxter
Our Species – Harriet Katz

String Spring

In Beauty – Philip Revita
Rhapsody – Hollis Thoms
MacPherson’s Lament – Garth Baxter
Pastorale – Rahilia Hasanova
Galop – Elizabeth Skola Davis
Morning Has Broken – Victoria Mansfield
Insomnia – Amit Kumar
Following a Thread – Harriet Katz
La Tranquilita – Keith Kramer

Dynamic Duos

Duologue – Elizabeth Skola Davis
Capers – Anna Rubin
Suite No. 2 – Philip Ravita
Scrollwork – Harriet Katz
Equanimity – Keith Kramer
Marimba Hike – Ljiljana Jovanović
Night and Daybreak – Lewis Berman
Chronos – Kimberly Myers
Beethoven’s Cat – George Spicka
Rondo 2 – Hollis Thoms

20TH Anniversary Concert

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