Jin-Hwa Choi

Composer Jin-Hwa Choi hails from South Korea and is currently completing her DMA at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland with Michael Hersch. Before coming to the Peabody, Choi studied composition and music education at the Seoul National University with Chung-Gil Kim and Shinuh Lee. She finished her BM and MM degrees in Korea and also completed her MM at the Peabody Conservatory with Michael Hersch and Judah Adashi.

Choi’s works have been performed at contemporary music festivals in Korea: Young Composers’ Night at Pan Music Festival and a Gwang-ju Piano Academy concert. As a current member of the International Alliance for Women in Music, Women in Music-Columbus, and the Baltimore Composers Forum, her compositions have been performed in Baltimore, Nashville and San Francisco. Choi also has become interested in collaborating with artists from other genres, so her Music for The Octopus Lament (2011) was premiered at the SIDESHOW Fringe Festival in Nashville, Sea Collage (2011) for Face of Serenity was performed by the dance group, “Effervescent Collective” and Music for Deliciously Happy (2012) was presented as a collaboration project in the Leu Art Gallery, Belmont University.

Choi’s musical language is inspired by various aspects of life including painting, poetry and her own daily experiences. Although she originates from Korea, her musical style is not limited to that region. She combines Asian and Western musical characteristics in her works. Choi’s compositions tend to illustrate impressions through boundary-less tonal and atonal language. She is also interested in creating electronic music and combining her music with art exhibitions.