Mini(atures) – September 27, 2020

1-minute works by Forum members.

Full Concert

Suite for the High Holy Days: Greeting the New Year [2007] Harriet Katz
Clarinet Lab – Part 3, Interlude [2014] Josh Levin
Salty and Sweet [2011] Anna Rubin
Flicker [2020] George F.Spicka
PSA I: Heart Beat [2020] Ray Fields
The Little Flirt [2020] Garth Baxter
B(rushed) Moment [2020] Ljiljana Jovanović
Minute Minuet [1996] Victor Frost
Crooked Brook [2020] Jonathan Newmark
A Sound Pot [2020] Jin-Hwa Choi
Amalgam [2011] Keith Kramer
Minute Symphony [1992] Gavin F. Brown

Whirling Winds – November 24, 2019

Melissa Lindon, flute Emily Tsai, oboe Emily Robinson, clarinet Jay Chadwick, horn Tia Wortham, bassoon

Entire Concert

Heavy Wood ​[2017] – for woodwind quintet and percussion – Ray Fields
Where the Animals Live​ [2019] ​- for woodwind quintet – Gavin Brown
Breezes in Three Guises ​ ​[2019] – for woodwind quintet – Anna Rubin
Variations for Woodwind Quintet ​[2015] – Victor Frost
Mirrors in the House That Jack Built ​[2019] – for woodwind quintet – Janice Macaulay
Memory​ [​2013] – for oboe, one dancer and three mothers – Ljiljana Jovanović
One Way and Another ​[2017/19] – for woodwind quintet – ​Harriet Katz
Tango for Igor [​2017] – for woodwind quintet – Ray Fields
The Adagio in G for Wind Quintet​ [2010] – Josh Levin
A Parting Glass [​2017] – for woodwind quintet – Garth Baxter
Serenade for Wind Quintet​ [​2013] – Jonathan Newmark


“Spring Assortment” – April 7, 2019


Inside Out – Anna Rubin

Ditty No. 2 (Sparrows) – Jin-Hwa Choi

A Gallows’ Lullaby – Amit Kumar

Ramble With Me, Fantasy’s Princess – Amit Kumar

A Tree for Everyone, and a One for Every Tree – Jonah Elrod

Quintessence – Lewis Berman

Shelter within a Shelter – Ljiljana Jovanović

Better on Slickrock – Jonathan Newmark

Only Albinos Have White Skin – Harriet Katz

Duo for Flute and Solo Percussion – Janice Macaulay

When Lights Begin to Show – Garth Baxter

Two Inventions – Keith Kramer

Rusticola – Garth Baxter

Tonian World – George Spicka

“Autumn Abundance” – November 17, 2018


Trio – Elizabeth Skola Davis
Fall Dancing – Hollis Thoms
The Eternal Sea – Philip Ravita
Harp to it! – Janice Macaulay
Honeycomb – Anna Rubin
The End Is an Infinite Beginning – Keith Kramer
The Voice of Your Eyes – Hillary Kruh
Mysterium – Lewis Berman
Des Larmes Encadrees – Garth Baxter
A Dream of Stone – Jin-Hwa Choi
TBD [Moving Macbeth] – Ljiljana Javanovic
Angles and Archways – Harriet Katz




Playing 3 – Hollis Thoms
Three Poems From Edna St. Vincent Millay – Garth Baxter
A Threnody for Little Suck-a- Thumb – Jin-Hwa Choi
American Dances – David Fetter
Asking For It – Jonathan Newmark
Memory – Ljiljana Jovanović
Night & Daybreak – Lewis Berman
Hush – Anna Rubin
Galop – Elizabeth Skola Davis
In Beauty – Philip Ravita
Insomnia – Amit Kumar
Selections from Love Songs of Emily Dickinson – Janice Macaulay
Our Species – Harriet Katz
Elegy – Hillary Kruh
La Tranquillità – Keith Kramer
Upon Acquiring a Sauropod – George Spicka


1, 2, 3


November 18, 2017
West Shore Piano Trio:
Heather Haughn, Violin
Diana Flesner, Cello
Jay DeWire, Piano


Hoffman 36 – Jonathan Newmark
With Issa: Haiku – Jin-Hwa Choi
Tungsten’s Cave – Amit Kumar
Three Piano Pieces – Hillary Kruh
John Dory – Ljiljana Jovanović
Sonata No. 3 – Philip Ravita
Il y a longtemps – Garth Baxter
Mosaic – Harriet Katz
Siciliana – Bill Milner


Songs of Love and Menace 

November 19, 2016

Annie Gill, soprano
Joseph Regan, tenor
Tim Reynolds, piano


Wolf Skin – Elizabeth Davis
A Threnody for a Little Suck-a-Thumb – Jin Hwa Choi
Three Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay – Garth Baxter
Hush A-Bye – Anna Rubin
Asking For It – Jonathan Newmark
Jasmine – Keith Kramer
Cycles – Ljiljana Jovanavic
Selections from Love Poems of Emily Dickinson – Janice Macaulay
within music there is silence within love there is loneliness – Hollis Thoms
Some Points Eve Would Like to Make – Harriet Katz
Nights Without Sleep – Garth Baxter
Our Species – Harriet Katz

String Spring

May 21, 2016

Azimuth String Quartet:
Nicholas Currie, violin
James Tung, violin
Alice Tung, viola
Adam Gonzalez, cello


In Beauty – Philip Revita
Rhapsody – Hollis Thoms
MacPherson’s Lament – Garth Baxter
Pastorale – Rahilia Hasanova
Galop – Elizabeth Skola Davis
Morning Has Broken – Victoria Mansfield
Insomnia – Amit Kumar
Following a Thread – Harriet Katz
La Tranquilita – Keith Kramer

Dynamic Duos

May 23, 2015

Jason Love and Harriet Katz, cello
Jonas Thoms, horn
Steven Monath and Gerald Noble, marimba


Duologue – Elizabeth Skola Davis
Capers – Anna Rubin
Suite No. 2 – Philip Ravita
Scrollwork – Harriet Katz
Equanimity – Keith Kramer
Marimba Hike – Ljiljana Jovanović
Night and Daybreak – Lewis Berman
Chronos – Kimberly Myers
Beethoven’s Cat- George Spicka
Rondo 2 – Hollis Thoms