Ljiljana Becker

Composer - President - Neusemusiktheater

Ljiljana Becker (Jovanović) was born in Belgrade (Serbia) where she started with her piano and music theory training at the age of seven. She has studied music composition in Montenegro and Croatia with Prof. Željko Brkanović, (received BM in music composition in 1988) and in 1989 moved to Stuttgart (Germany) in order to attend a professional short-term specialization (Kontaktstudium) in musique concrète at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst with Prof. Ulrich Süße.

Ljiljana continued her professional specialization (Aufbaustudium) in New Music Theatre/Composition at the Rheinische Musikhochschule in Cologne with Prof. Mauricio Kagel, as well as musicology, Slavic philology and philosophy at the Cologne University. In 2002 she completed the graduate studies in interdisciplinary theatre at Towson University in Maryland (MFA in Theatre) where she was the recipient of College of Graduate Education and Research Fellowship for 2001/2002. (composition/electronic sound studies with Dr. William Kleinsasser)

Ljiljana participated at the 2. Tonkünstlerfest Baden-Württemberg, Rheinisches Musikfest, Documenta IX and MusikTriennale Köln festivals, and was part of The Creator “pro-active, mentoring and cross cultural” TV production in Vancouver, the GEDOK Music Series in Cologne and Women Between Worlds and New Roots, multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural documentaries directed by Exsul van Helden. She was awarded two residencies at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Meet the Composer Grant and the first prize for an abstract radiophonic form Modi’in by Radio Belgrade, Serbia. In 2018 Modi’in represented radio Belgrade at the Prix Palma Ars Acustica, Prix Italia, and Karl Sczuka festivals.

Ljiljana’s projects have been performed in Europe, Canada and US. She is a member of the Baltimore Composers Forum since 2002 [served as an officer from 2008 until 2015], and is listed in Adkins Chiti Foundation: Donne in Musica.

Last fall, her project The Suitcase/Der Koffer ​in collaboration with Juanita Rockwell, libretto, Chris Roberts, mezzo soprano and Duo Crveno (alto sax and piano) from Germany has toured Maryland and Washington DC.

Ljiljana is multilingual, and writes primarily under the professional name Jovanović. Her website may be found here.